Apocalypse Now

The Rock DetoNates

Part II

Friday, Februrary 15

I woke up.

Random and Lee and I went down to sit by the pool for a bit. After a bit Random sends Lee off to get something, then goes and sticks her feet in the pool. I wander off and see Shel and Jack sitting on the benches outside and join them. We talk for a bit, and the group disperses.

I wanter off to the lobby, and at some point run into Rich, Dave, and Ash. We go to Rich's room where he dispenses some of his vast collection of Mardi Gras beads to us. Someone sticks a bunch of them on Dave's head, and we all snap pictures.

Dave and me
Picture courtesy of Rich
After a while, the others wander off, and I run into Ryss, Tom, Dave, and Lyssie. Ryssa runs into one of the panels to pounce some of the panelists. Later, we all go down the street to Beeps. While at the table, they take turns putting on my hat and glasses and taking pictures. Expect a "Which One is the Real Nate" gallery in the near future. They even stick my hat and glasses on a napkin dispenser and take a picture. We are so easily amused.

At 5:45, we leave Beeps, arriving just in time for the opening ceremonies.


Fraser Hines, Anneke Wills, Carol Ann Ford
Pictures courtesy of Rich
Later on, we all go to the bar again. Pete, Vani, Eva, Ash, and others are there. Ash begins drinking heavily, and before long is so drunk that he runs up and kisses Dave Stone. He then proceeds to chase down other men and try to kiss them. He goes after me, but I fend him off with my umbrella. Then he goes after Pete, and I go after him; I clear the waist-high wall seperating the seating area with the rest of the bar with the grace of a cat, but Ash backs off Pete before I even get there. Ash continues to act completely batty for the rest of the night.

Vani and I take a brief walk through the haunted house, and were followed shortly thereafter by Pete. Not much of note; there were people behind black curtains making noises and reaching out and tapping your shoulder when your back was turned. At the end of it you walk into the ceremonies room with some neat looking halloween decorations. There was a hand wobbling around on the ground, and the room was illuminated by black lights. Which made for an interesting effect with me wearing white gloves, which glowed blue. On Pete's suggestion, I did a brief mime impersonation with glowing gloves.

After a while, Ash goes up to 272 to crash. Vani and I eventually follow to check that he's alright; he's passed out on the floor, dead to the world.

An impromptu LAN party has been hacked together with equipment Mossy brought. Mossy's and Ash's iBook's are connected up, and Rich brings in his laptop and connects it up as well. Everyone in the room shares (or fights over, depending on youir point of view) the laptops to go onto IRC. Pete, Dave, Lyssie, Rich, Vani, and Mossy are there.

Vani gets on her cell phone and call Kiri, and we each take turns talking to her. After a bit, Pete and Dave go across the hall to Pete's room and they start setting up a DVD player and projector for later viewing of stuff. I hang around for a while, and then Vani and I go off to 7-Eleven for food. We come back and chat for a bit, then go back to 272.

Eventually, Ash wakes up and joins the conversation. Suddenly, before I know it, it's 5am. I bugger off and go to bed.

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