The Rock DetoNates Again

Day 1: Wednesday, February 12 2003

Thursday 01:42 AM

It's that time of year again.

Gallifrey One, more affectionately known as Gally. An excuse for science-fiction fans in general, and Doctor Who fans in particular, to gather around, see celebrities speak, get drunk, and shoot the shit.

One out of three for me.

For me this is really just an excuse to spend a few days with friends that would otherwise be nothing more than words on a screen. The con itself doesn't really mean much to me. I'll probably attend a function or two that my friends are involved in, but that's about it. I'm considering skipping out opening and closing ceremonies even. The only reason I'm considering going is that both Peter Davison and Colin Baker are going to be there; a first for Gally.

That and the fact that most of my friends will conglomerate there before and afterwards.

The story so far...


Just got on Amtrak. Initial uncertainty as I try to find a space for my bags. Two of them. An equipment bag and a clothing bag. And that's not including the laptop and camera.

I am such a sad geek.

A quick list of the equipment I've brought with me:

Found a seat with a table and a 110v power outlet for the laptop.

Grooving to the beat of Ambient Galaxy, by Astral Projection.

It started sprinkling a bit just before I left, which was rather nice actually. It's winter, I wanna see some winter weather, goddamnit!

The Martinez Amtrak Station

A cargo train going backwards at the station

The Antioch Fishing Pier


Played Doom on the train for a bit. Which was neat.

It's raining outside, which is rather nice. We're passing through farmland right now. Not sure which city we're in.


Passed by Castle Airport/Museum, shortly before the Merced stop. Snapped a few pics.

Sitting on the track, waiting for an opposing train to pass by, as there's a single track ahead.

The Castle Airport/Museum

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2:30

Got off the train at Bakersfield. Boarded the Amtrak bus to Van Nuys. Was informed that the trip would be longer than expected. Apparently the Grapevine has been closed due to a mudslide, and also there was heavy traffic.

The Bus at Bakersfield Station

Windmills in I forget which city

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 6:30

Arrive in Van Nuys, two hours late. Spend half an hour, in the rain, waiting for the LA Metro bus to take me two miles down the road to the Airtel.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 7:30

Get on the bus. Tell the driver where I'm going. She does me a favor and drops me off at the corner by the Airtel, instead of the normal stop (which is a block or two away from the Airtel.)

Go inside. Get pounced by a Ryss. Say hello to Alden for the first time (IRL). Sign in and dump my stuff on the room. Come back. Say hello to Gord for the first time (IRL). Sit in the bar and shoot the shit for a bit.

Go upstairs to order food. At this moment Lyssie arrives. Get another hug. Get Lyssie checked in, and we all conglomerate in Ryss and Tom's room to order food. Shoot the shit some more.


Eat. Talk some more. Had an extensive discussion about cats and other pets.

People meet up in Ryss and Tom's room


After chatting for hours, most of us have gone to bed. Ryss and Tom go to 7-11 to get some stuff. Lyssie starts unpacking, and I shell out $40 for a weeks' worth of internet access. Hope it's worth it.

Hope I'll be able to setup a LAN using it, and they're not using some fascist controls to keep people from sharing the connection :/

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