The Rock DetoNates Again

Day 2: Thursday, February 13 2003

07:40 AM


Got up around 7am, after 5-6 hours of sleep. Normally when left to my own devices I'd sleep in all day, but when something big is going on I get restless, so I went ahead and got up early.

Lyssie is still asleep, as is probably everyone else here, so I took the opportunity to throw together a quick picture page and thumbnails.

09:32 AM

Geek Setup

Been working on setting up the shoutcast feed and the webcam. So far so good. The shoutcast feed will be pretty limited, as I only have the bandwidth for about 6 listeners. I may try to mirror the feed onto (bringing the total up to about 11) if necessary. Also I'm not sure the mic is up to the task (or the sound card), it records rather quietly. I think it'll be sufficient though.

The webcam is OK, but it's not going to be very useful without a wide-angle lens. Rich is bringing one, but I don't know if I'll be able to attach it to the camera. It may require going out and buying a roll of duct tape...

Beep Beep

Ana finally woke up. Spent 3 hours just chatting while everyone else is still asleep.

Went down to the lobby. Met Meg for the first time (IRL). Went to Beeps with Ana, Ryss and Tom. Came back and met Jason (TikiWho). Chatted for a bit, then came back up to the room.

Gathering in the lobby to go to Beeps

Gathering in the lobby after Beeps

Still raining

04:34 PM

Arts and Crafts

Ana and Ryss are stamping fish and butterfly designs onto a jacket and pants for Ana's Delirium (from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic) costume. They've got paints and rubberstamps. I'm bouncing back and forth between Ryss's room (where the craftwork is being done) and my room (where the net connection is).

Arts and Crafts

A cloudy sunset

06:16 PM


Now is about the time that most of the people will start showing up. Went downstairs for a bit. Eric came in while I was out. Another first time (IRL) meeting.

Came back up to grab a couple things and make a quick entry. Going back downstairs to watch the influx of people and hang out. We'll all be going to Denny's later tonight. My next checkin will probably be after we get back in.

Hanging out in the lobby, watching people check in



I ran into Rich coming downstairs after my last entry. We went into the bar and hung out with the group for a bit. Rich gave me back my camera that he had fixed. He had also made a bunch of buttons, including ReBoot buttons, a Key to Time button, and other buttons, mostly DW-related.

Rich brought a jester cap with blinking LEDs. Got pictures of everyone wearing it.

One of the buttons fell off Rich's shirt, and we went on a wild goose chase looking for it. We got back to his room, and discovered that it had, just by chance, fallen into his coat pocket. Couldn't have planned that one in a million years.

While we were there, he showed off all the equipment he had brought. A laptop. A digital camera. A tape recorder. A wide-angle lens that I'm going to try to jerry-rig to my camera. Spent a good 20 minutes just geeking out over all his equipment.

He also showed me all the Mardi Gras beads he had brought (this year's theme is Mardi Gras). He brought several boxes full, and had an entire suitcase of nothing but beads, stuffed animals, and other stuff.

After that we went downstairs, chatted for a bit, then went off to Denny's. I got a ride with several people, the rest walked.

I just got back (also getting a ride), and am about to try to string all the networking equipment together, and upload tonight's pictures.

People wearing the Fool's Hat

Gordon, Zodin and TikiWho show up

More beads, stuffed animals, and equipment than we know what to do with

Dinner at Denny's

Gathering in the LAN Room

Friday, 12:58 AM

I Hate Linksys

Well, trying to set up a LAN went from a 10-minute setup to a 2-hour ordeal. Thanks to Linksys. Apparently, there are no Windows 2000 drivers for the second ethernet card that Richard brought. Without which I couldn't share the connection.

So after two hours of screwing around, we finally managed to get the wireless connection to the hotel's internet access working. Took some screwing around to figure out the magic incantation to utter, but once we got internet access on the wireless card, sharing it out with my existing ethernet card was a simple matter.

So the next thing we did was take my laptop, and Rich's laptop into Ryss's room, with the two of us connected with a crossover cable.

We are such sad geeks.

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