The Rock DetoNates Again

Day 3: Friday, February 14 2003

12:18 PM


Stayed up until 4am last night. Got up at 10 this morning.

Lee was in the channel when I got online. Rich was in the room with him and Random, then came up to our room for a bit when he saw we were awake. Random said that she could get a wireless signal in the lobby, so apparently it's not limited to just the rooms as we originally thought.

Just came downstairs to the lobby to register for the con. Brought the laptop with me. We do indeed have a signal, and I'm making this entry from the lobby.

Ran into Gord while I was getting registered, and Random showed up shortly thereafter. Lyssie and Gord went to the dealer's room, and Random disappeared. Ran into the other Tom Kelly at the registration desk.

After I got registered I sat down to write this entry. Waiting to see if anyone else shows up.

Gonna browse the schedule now, see if there's anything I might be interested in seeing.

Lyssie's painted purple penguin figure

At the registration desk

People milling about in the lobby

04:41 PM

More Geekery

Ryss, Ana, Tom, Gordon, Tom and I went to Beeps for lunch. After that Tom, Ana, Lea and I went to Walgreens to grab some stuff. I needed a power strip for the LAN party, and Rich needed some tapes for his tape recorder. I also picked up a 12 pack of Dew while I was there.

After coming back, we went into the con suite, from where I am now posting this entry. Rich came down with his laptop, and is now in the process of trying to get his laptop to recognize the wireless.

Beeps again

Hanging out in the con suite

6:01 PM

Geekaholics Anonymous

Went to scout out the room for the internet gathering. It has a maximum occupancy of about 30; clearly not big enough for a group that took over an entire wing of Denny's last night. So we went to scout out the larger meeting room downstairs. It looked like it was going to be occupied, buy Ryss went to the People In Charge (tm) and found out that it would be vacant by the time the internet gathering started, so they rescheduled it to that room and put a note in the old room directing people to the new room.

Incidentally, there's a wireless signal in the room so I may try to shoutcast or webcam the meeting.

Nice sunset

Hanging around the room before the gathering

8:55 PM

Internet Gathering

The internet gathering got delayed due to the people in the room before us running overtime, but after that it went pretty well. Charles Martin and Alryssa talked mostly about rec.arts.drwho.moderated, and also a bit about DWC.

I shoutcasted the meeting to several people in DWC. Unfortunately I used the internal mic on my laptop (I sort of set it up rather hurriedly) which didn't produce really good sound quality. It's somewhat intelligable in some places and incoherent in others. The fact that it worked over the wireless link is minorly amazing.

Immediately after was opening ceremonies. Shaun introduced Colin Baker and Peter Davison, who came up to the stage to say a few words, and also introduced a bunch of other people; book authors, audio episode producers, and others.

After that I came back up to the room to check in and offload pictures. I also needed to recharge the laptop, and drop off a tape that was given to me to give to Pete. I've been collecting a lot of stuff for him at this con...

Most of the other people are at the masquerade, but I'm not particularly interested in it, and I needed to sit back and relax for a few.

Waiting for the internet gathering room to vacate

The internet gathering

Opening ceremonies

1:57 AM


Went downstairs briefly. Ryss, Tom and Ana went back upstairs, and Alden, Meg and I eventually followed. Spent several hours just hanging out in the room, along with Rich. Random also stopped by for a little while.

Hanging out in the lobby with the Two Leelas

Hanging out in the room after ceremonies

Dave's Get Well Bear

The Scary Yellow Dude

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