The Rock DetoNates Again

Day 4: Saturday, February 15 2003

11:33 AM

Slow Morning

Lyssie slept in late, so I wandered down to the lobby. Grabbed a pic of Ryss in her Bob t-shirt that Gordon made.

There wasn't much going on and I noticed Rich was on irc from his room so I joined him.

I'll probably go back up to the room before long and see if people are awake.

Hanging around the lobby

2:21 PM

Costume Department

Rich and I came back up to the room to find Ana, Ryss and Tom getting their costumes together. Ana was putting on the pants and jacket they had been stamping earlier, and Tom was painting Ryss with white makeup. She's dressing up as Death.

After all the costuming was done, we went out to the plaza, where there was a line stretching out the door and across the parking lot for the autograph line. They stood in line for a bit (and took turns holding the spot while others went into the dealer's room), then I came back here to upload pictures and grab some food.

I'll be going back once I upload this blog entry. I suspect they won't have reached the front yet.

Doing up costumes

Even Death has to go to the back of the line...

4:39 PM


Spent some time in the con suite talking to the people there, while Ryss and co. went off to a panel.

Rich, Random and I are now in Rich's room making buttons using his Badge-A-Minit kit. Random made an "Mmmm... Giles" badge, and is in the process of making a "# No Comment" badge for me.

Hanging out in the lobby

Ana and the Scary Yellow Dude

Making badges in Rich's room

# No comment

8:14 PM


Went down with Rich and saw Timeless, When Doctors Collide, and Shadowcast. Timeless was kinda hard to follow, but Jon Blum's performance of Sylvester McCoy's Doctor is excellent. Collide is short and sweet, and funny. Shadowcast wasn't too hard to follow, and had a decent plot. Likewise, Steve Hill's ColinDoc performance is spot on. He's got the voice and mannerisms down. Unfortunately, the rest of the actors perform about as well as one would expect from a fanvid.

Came back up to the room, and am now chatting with Ana and Gord. We're thinking of going down to the jacuzzi soon.

Hanging out in the room

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