The Rock DetoNates Again

Day 5: Sunday, February 16 2003

9:00 AM


After the fanvid, Ana, Gord and I spent a couple hours in our room chatting. We were joined by Rich later, and eventually by Alden, Meg, Ryss and Tom. I fell asleep while they were chatting, I only got about 4 hours of sleep the night before.

2:26 PM


Went down to Random's room to pick up the stuff she has for Pete. I'm gonna ship all his stuff to him later today.

Watched the Doctor Who music videos in the video room today. Clips from episodes set to music by the KTEH people. Music included Another One Bites the Dust, Pressure, Beat It, and others.

When I came back to the room, Ana was just getting up, and Ryss was putting on her Leeloo outfit. She walked around the con to see the reactions. I think most of the fanboys at the con had never seen that much exposed female flesh.

After wandering around a bit I came down to the con suite for munchies. Ana, Ryss and Tom were there, and Athena and Rich showed up later.

Ryss's Leeloo outfit

Hanging around the lobby

Rich giving out more beads

Hanging out in the con suite

Colin Baker puts in an appearance

2:25 AM

Big Update

Went to Alryssa's reboot panel at 5. Two writers for the series that were at the con just by chance showed up unplanned. The panel was basically a smallish informal gathering talking about the series.

After that we went down to the hot tub and just lounged for a bit. We alternated between jumping in the hot tub (which was a bit too hot) and the pool (which was cold). Then Mark brought out a blow up beachball, and we were playing volleyball, batting the ball between the hot tub and the pool. Unfortunately it didn't work too well because the ball was too light and there was a breeze.

After that we went up to the room and started to prepare for the room party. We decided we needed snacks and drinks, so Athena and I drove down to Food4Less and grabbed some pringles and sodas.

The room party lasted for well over 6 hours. Rich brought a tape recorder, and I bought 4 90-minute tapes to record the conversations, and we ran out of tape just around the time the party was dispersing.

Ryss and Tom have the room next to us, and there's a set of doors that can be opened to connect them, so we set up the party in Ryss's room and used our room as the spillover room. The "den of addicts", as Lee called it, the people that brought their laptops with them, came into our room, and then we migrated to Ryss's room. When Ash came in with his laptop, we set up our room as the video viewing room. Ash showed an episode of Reboot, and showed a couple of movies; some of us watched the videos while the rest stayed in the other room chatting.

I drug the laptop and equipment over to the conversation room and set up a shoutcast (streaming audio) feed and a webcam, so some of the people in #drwhochat could see and hear what was going on. We chatted for hours on end, and then Tom decided that he needed to sleep since he was getting up early to go to the Criciket match tomorrow morning. So those that were interested migrated over to the video room and took it over. We watched some more videos for several hours, then people started to disperse.

Athena had gotten rather drunk, and was staying with friends a couple blocks away from the hotel, and needed to get over there for the night. So a bunch of us escorted her over there. I went with them, just to make sure that there was actually somebody sober in the group, just in case. It's not the best neighborhood, so I brouoght my umbrella and a strand of heavy mardi gras beads. If anyone gave us any trouble I could beat them or flaim them to death. Fortunately that opportunity didn't present itself.

I just got back from the walk. I have a shitload of pictures to upload, but chances are I won't get around to that until later tomorrow^H^H^H today, after getting some sleep.

The ReBoot Panel

The Room Party

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