The Rock DetoNates Again

Day 6: Monday, February 17 2003

11:21 AM

More Pics

Once again I'm up early and nobody else is awake so I got some productive work done.

6:35 PM


Random drug me out to the mall to pick up something she got for me. Turns out it's a baseball cap, with the word "Portarock" across it. Some people were suggesting we affix a rock (or something that looks like a rock) to the top of it. So I can still live under a rock even when I'm out and about.

Spent some time in the hot tub (alternating between it and the pool again), then came back to the room.

We've been herding people up here so that people with digital cameras can offload their pictures here and Rich can burn them to a CD before we leave. So far Alden offloaded his, and Ash and Gordon have been told of the plan, but Tom Beck left before I could get his pictures.

The Dragon named George


Saying Goodbye to Athena

In the lobby waiting to go to IHOP

Dinner at IHOP

The moon against a palm tree, outside IHOP

In the lobby after IHOP

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