The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VII, Issue I: January 2003

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Jan 1

DoctorWho: He's one of those psycho^Hics isn't he?
MegL: speaks to the dead
MegL: not John Edwards or the one who speaks to dead pets
Alden: ...
Alden: speaking to dead pets...
Alden: Why? :)
MegL: why not?
MegL: a lot of people love there pets more than there families
DoctorWho: "I'm sensing a presence. It says... 'Meow.' That's all I can get out of it."
MegL: actually I'm not too sure but I think Van Praagh does similar stuff with pets
MegL: hard to tell
MegL: might be John Edwards (the one that's not running for President)
MegL: that poor guy running for president is going to have to get past that
DoctorWho: lol
Alden: Yeah, he rings Russia to chat with thier leader and half an hour later realises he's been talking to one of their dead presidents ;)

TomFODW: Bush, Rumsfield & Cheney are talking about Iraq. Rumsfield says, "We plan to invade, kill 45 million Iraqis and one bicycle rider."
TomFODW: Bush says, "Why a bicycle rider?"
TomFODW: And Rumsfield says to Cheney, "See? I told you nobody would give a shit about the 45 million Iraqis!"

Jan 8

PeterJF types 'hand grenade' into google and clicks the 'i feel lucky' button
Alryssa: BEWM!
Alryssa: Hmm. Would that be lucky? ;)
PeterJF: not at all
Alryssa: "Congratulations! You live!"
Bex1: Is that like a random teliportation?
NathanR: as opposed to random telistarboardation?
Alden: Bex: I'll hold him down, you fwap him

Alryssa: ReBoot in cross stitch! Wheee!
PeterJF: ah, cross stich. possibly the slowest refresh rate of any pixel-based display available
Alryssa: Like the Amish Laptop? ;)
Alryssa: 24 bead resolution!

NathanR was in a group getting a group photo taken, and the person we grabbed to operate the camera said "As my old Armenian grandfather used to say, 'Everyone say shit!'"
PeterJF: i can but imagine the feces he got on film from that quip
PeterJF: er, faces

Jan 9

Alryssa snickers at a server messages: Your system is being scanned, don't wor...Wow, you got alot of porn.

Kiri`: Clip-clop, BANG, Clip-clop, Clip-clop. An Amish drive-by shooting.

Jan 10

KaijuThete: my litmus test for radw used to be "if i was a person who curiously peeked in because i like that dr who show, would i think this discourse was of any use?" grade: F-

Jan 11

DoctorWho: Well, it's easier to make something that sucks than something that rocks
DoctorWho: So I guess the correlary is that it's easier to make something that really really sucks than something that's really really good
The_42nd_Doctor: And it's easiest of all to make something that sucks rocks.
The_42nd_Doctor: How much wood could a woodsuck suck if a woodsuck could suck wood?
The_42nd_Doctor: ... eww, that sounded worse than I meant it to.
PeterJF: ahyep
Lyssie: How much rock could a suckingrock suck if a rockingsuck could suck rock?
PeterJF: quite a bit, i suspect
SupremeDalek sics the Auto-Fwapper on The_42nd_Doctor
SupremeDalek sics the Auto-Fwapper on Lyssie
Lyssie dodges.
DoctorWho burns
PeterJF: agh, photoshop humor!

Jan 13

NekoKarasu has joined #drwhochat
DoctorWh0: yo ash
NekoKarasu skulks in
TikiWho: Hiya, Ash
NekoKarasu decides that if he doesn't leave his room again, the day can't get much worse
NekoKarasu has quit (Remote closed the connection)

Jan 14

Alden: Ryssa: I was pondering telling Meg that I'd said Dave could share with us, but I thnik she'd kill me before I could tell her I was only kidding.

SeriousJ: i have allsorts!
PeterJF: licorice? i don't even -know- 'er ish!
DoctorWho fwaps Pete

Jan 15

Alden: brb
10 seconds later...
Alden: back
MarkyD: hardly worth going, was it?
Alden: Mark: It was! I got a biscuit!

Jan 16

PeterJF: las vegas is turning into a place to live for regular people (outside the strip, natch.) ever considered living there?
SeriousJ: Pete - the weather and the crime rate would worry me
PeterJF: hmm. i didn't know it was crimey
PeterJF: aside from the popular corruption
PeterJF: although i casino reason why you'd want to do that sort of thing for too many years
DoctorWho fwaps Pete
PeterJF: it's a fair cop

SteveBreon: I still can't browse the web.
PeterJF: Steve: the underlined text are "links"
PeterJF: you click them
DoctorWho fwaps Pete

Alden: brb
A minute later...
Alden: back
MarkyD: biscuit time again, Alden?

Jan 17

Topic on #drwhochat is: It's BisQuick Time!
DoctorWho looks at the topic
DoctorWho: It's BisQuickTime! The latest multimedia and breakfast software from Apple!
PeterJF: gimme the fwapper
DoctorWho: *handover*
PeterJF fwaps Nate
DoctorWho: ooF
PeterJF: *handback*
PeterJF: i noticed you had it last nite
DoctorWho: ah yes

Alden has joined #DrWhoChat
Alden: evening
PeterJF starts timing the minutes before alden goes for a biscuit

Jan 20

DoctorWho: How's this for irony. Random conspired to get me there last year, now I'm conspiring to get her there this year...
random_c: *lol*
random_c: Nate: Does that mean you'll buy me a laptop? ;)

Whomiga: Oh - MardiGras colors are Gree, Purple and Gold
Whomiga: Grren
Whomiga: Green - Argh!
random_c: the colours for mardigras are gween?

random_c: but so far as I can tell mardi gras is about geting drunk in a silly hat and getting your norgs out
DoctorWho: I believe that's the general idea, yes...
trinalin: Really? I thought it was about eating all the stuff you were going to give up for Lent the next day :-)
DoctorWho: oh yeah, that too
trinalin: I don't give up stuff for Lent anymore, so there's no real reason to celebrate Fat Tuesday
trinalin: I used to give up cookies
random_c: 'what are you giving up for lent?' 'observing the holidays of religions I'm not a part of, Miss'

random_c: do you have jif lemons in the US?
DoctorWho: jif lemon?
SeriousJ: that peanut butter lemons?
DoctorWho: The only lemons we have that I know of are the citrus kind and the automotive kind
random_c: I guess that's a no... they're plastic lemons filled with lemon juice. You make your pancakes, put sugar on them, then drizzle lemon juice on them.
DoctorWho: oh. I think I've seen those
random_c: Someone once painted one green and threw it into a supermarket saying it was a grenade. It was 10 minutes before anyone realised what it was...

PeterJF: i just credit serkis for having a delivery that doesn't grate. it's tough to have a weird voice without making an excessive caricature of yerself
SeriousJ: his voice work was excellent
PeterJF: what sj said ;-)
DoctorWho: For contrast: See Ahmed Best ^_^
PeterJF: *mindseek*
PeterJF: *mindsectorseek*
PeterJF: *mindsectorseek*
PeterJF: *mindsectorseek*
PeterJF: *mindsectorseek*
PeterJF: *mindsectorseek*
WhiteQueen seeks higher ground to avoid the flood.
PeterJF: *googleseek*
Alden: Peter's about to find his mind's been formatted
smokeytimelady: No, not the mind probe!
DoctorWho: LOL
PeterJF: meesa forgot bout him

Jan 22

RC_insomiawork: I should be OK at the con, so long as treacle doesn't do anything that makes me want to kill him.
Alryssa: What, like breathing?
RC_insomiawork: It takes a *little* more than that.
Alryssa: Farting?
RC_insomiawork: *lol* close. Talking.

Jan 23

MarkyD: random> go as erimem... very little material costs involved... ;-)
random_c knows not of what MarkyD speaks
MarkyD: random> Big Finish Peter Davison companion
random_c knows not of such things
MarkyD: Egyptian Pharoah
random_c: Hrm.
MarkyD: She'll be there as a guest, actually
Alryssa: Erimem, the name that means utter gibberish!
MarkyD: her name is, her name is, her name is...
PaulG: Slim Pharaoh?
MarkyD: will the real slim lady *please* stand up, *please* stand up...

lee: wesley is an evil fuck! =)
PaulG: he's a lucky fuck too... engaged to alyson hannigan *sigh*
lee: !
lee: didn't know that
PaulG: they got engaged at xmas... been an item for yonks
lee: maybe they've been reading fanfics...
Pink_T_Floyd: *click* *click* 'hmm... hey alyson, come look at this one' 'what is it?' 'is that position even possible?' 'i dunno... but it'd be fun to try'

PeterJF: i find it difficult to credit
PeterJF: hence 'incredible'
PeterJF: maybe i should write staven wright some new jokes
Sam-Jones glances at Thete
Kiri`: is he still performing?
PeterJF: how bout this:
PeterJF: i ate one too many snow cones. i spawned an abdominal snowman.
DoctorWho: LOL
PeterJF: wouldn't work if i delivered it, but i guess i could write
Alden: This is Thete <picture of Thete> This is Thete on drugs <identical picture of Thete>
Kiri` introdices Mr Left, wrights agent. but they never know what the other is doing..
PeterJF: whoooo that's a rip-snorter there K-tel
PeterJF: a knee-slapper
PeterJF: humdinger
Kiri` fwaps pete
PeterJF: ooF
PeterJF: petefwapper

Jan 26

DoctorWh0: Pete: So we're back where we started? :P
PeterJF: we?
PeterJF: We?
PeterJF: WE!?!?
DoctorWh0: We.
PeterJF: all the way home

segnbora: nyquil is bogus, it's got alcohol and sleeping meds in it.
PeterJF: nyquil is great, it's got alcohol and sleeping meds in it.
PeterJF: now stop dissing nyquil. hmm, think it's time for my dose. oh wait, i'm not sick. oh well *glug* *glug* *glug* yeehah *hic*

Jan 27

Shel: oh yeah, i have homework
Shel: polar coordinates this time
trinalin: There's a third way to multiply vectors, I think - but I completely forgot that... I was reading about it in Physics2000
The_42nd_Doctor: What do you get when you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber? Nothing-- you can't cross a vector with a scalar.

Pete has just replaced a dysfunctional DVD-ROM drive
PeterJF: nate: the lite-on is right-on
DoctorWho: Kewl.
PeterJF: that sony was phony
DoctorWho fwaps Pete on general principle

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